Opportunities Abound in AI-Based System Development

June 27, 2024
System developers can use MATLAB to create better AI datasets, build AI models for domain-specific tasks, and continuously test these models in a system-wide context.
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When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and embedded systems, MathWorks is one of the companies that makes the tools. In this video, we talk to Houman Zarrinkoub, Principal Product Manager at the company, about engineering requirements, the notion of complexity, and societal expectations of AI-based systems. We also talk about how digital twins can be used to create simulated versions of reality to better understand how things operate in the real world. 

The company's MATLAB toolset is an engineering platform for integrating AI during the design, development, and commercialization of advanced embedded systems. Engineers and scientists can use MATLAB to create better AI datasets and AI models for domain-specific tasks, while continuously testing these models in a system-wide context.

MATLAB enables the creation of AI models with a few lines of code, or by using pretrained models, via domain-specific tools and low-code apps to develop complete and scalable AI workflows. It helps combine AI techniques with system-level simulation to reduce errors in production, and deploy AI models to high-performance systems, such as edge devices and the cloud. You can also exchange AI models and design functionality between MATLAB and Python.

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