Smart Robot Demo Highlights Noise-Robust Edge-Computing Solution

May 30, 2024
Offering protection against high voltage and noise interference, Analog Devices' iCoupler isolation technology can create edge AI systems for harsh and high-voltage environments.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging in new applications into challenging environments, from industrial automation and healthcare to instrumentation and energy. In these fields, constraints such as high voltage, noise, or patient protection create barriers to the adoption of digital-intensive equipment. The ability to operate in harsh environments while protecting against high voltage and noise interference requires isolation. 

This demo from Analog Devices (watch video above) covered the enablement of edge AI systems in harsh and high-voltage environments by leveraging ADI’s iCoupler isolation technology. By emulating a high-voltage and noisy environment, it showcases how the adoption of isolation technology enables customers to exploit the power of AI even in the most critical applications in industrial process and motor control, digital healthcare, instrumentation, and electrification.

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