Talking About the SiFive Performance P650 RISC-V Core

Dec. 7, 2021
SiFive CEO Patrick Little discusses the differentiating factors of its new Performance P650 RISC-V core with Editor Bill Wong, as well as its intended applications.

SiFive is a major player in the RISC-V arena, providing RISC-V core designs. The company's latest addition is the Performance P650 that competes with high-end Arm Cortex-A platforms (see figure). I spoke with Patrick Little, CEO and President of SiFive, about the P650, why it's different, and where it's targeted. 

The 64-bit P650 RISC-V core can be combined in clusters with up to 16 cores. It supports hypervisors and virtualization, and incorporates advanced security and cryptographic features. 

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