Why Trace Should Be in Your Development Toolbox

March 21, 2022
Percepio's Johan Kraft talks about how trace tools significantly enhance debugging tasks.

This video is part of TechXchangeTrace Debugging Techniques. You can also check out more TechXchange Talks videos.

Trace tools like Percepio's Tracealyzer offers a debugging methodology that's distinctly different than stop/start breakpoint debugging provided by a conventional debugger like gdb. Trace tools can find real-time issues like race conditions and handshake issues that are difficult to identify with a conventional debugger. 

I talked with Percepio's CEO, Johan Kraft, about how trace works, what advantages it brings to a developer's toolbox, and how it can be used in the field as well. You also can check this short demo (Fig. 1) on Tracealyzer. 

This short video demonstrates some of Tracealyzer's features. 

Tracealyzer is just one of many trace tools available to developers. Others include Lauterbach's Real-time Trace, Ashling's RiscFree, and Green Hills Software's TimeMachine.


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