The Worst Programming Language Ever

April 29, 2022
Mark Rendle has a humorous take on programming languages at NDC Oslo 2021.

This video is part of the Engineering Humor section in our Series Library.

Programmers have a sense of humor just like everyone else. Sometimes, though, it can be a bit weird to outsiders that think programming is what you do with a spreadsheet or a DVR. 

I ran across this video recently, which was a presentation by Mark Rendle at NDC Oslo 2021. He picks out some of the worst attributes of other programming languages and puts them together to define BS. 

"There's something good you can say about every programming language," say Rendle. "But that's no fun. Instead, let's take the worst features of all the languages we know, and put them together to create an abomination with the worst syntax, the worst semantics, the worst foot-guns and the worst runtime behavior in recorded history. Let's make a language so bad it would make people run screaming to Visual Basic for Applications."

This is an hour-long presentation, but one you will enjoy. 

BTW, he suggests that you don't try to build a BS compiler. Others have tried in the past, and this isn't the first time he has tried to hack away at programming presentations. 


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