Piezo Transducer Tech Turns a Screen into a Speaker

May 30, 2023
The Synaptics Resonate amplifier drives a piezo transducer element attached to the back of a display and vibrate the display to produce audio.

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Synaptics highlighted its Synaptics Resonate audio solution that uses a display’s surface as a sound and haptics transducer. Its intended to provide a more immersive audio and user experience while reducing space, cost, and power consumption for IoT devices. The technology enables slim, bezel-less, and inherently dust-proof and waterproof designs in industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics applications.

Synaptics Resonate replaces the dynamic speakers and linear resonant actuators typically used, with piezoelectric transducers placed on the rear of the display glass.

Driven by a proprietary amplifier and algorithms, the transducers cause the audio to emanate directly from the surface of the glass. Avoiding the compromises of side- or down-firing speakers, the transducers can also produce haptic feedback as well as detect pressure for a third axis of control for touch interfaces. 

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