Time Synchronization is Crucial in Modern Electonics

Feb. 28, 2024
Precision timing is critical to all connected embedded systems, from the board level to the network to the cloud, as all those involved must be synchronized.

This video is part of the TechXchange: Oscillations, Timing, and Synchronization.

Keeping proper time synchronization in a network has been important ever since we began using trains and had to create time zones to properly schedule things. Precision timing is critical to connected embedded systems, from the board level to the network to the cloud, as all of those attached systems must be synchronized in time.

Challenging 100-year-old quartz-based legacy technology, MEMS-based oven-controlled oscillators (OCXOs) provide an ultra-stable clock to data-center and network infrastructure equipment. We talked to Piyush Sevalia, Executive Vice President of Marketing at SiTime, about timing, the cloud, and this solution.

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