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Addressing the Gender Gap in Engineering

May 26, 2020
Women scientists and engineers bring insight and perspective.

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Half of the working population in the world is female, and they are great at science and engineering. The challenge is dealing with social norms that do not always encourage entry in these fields.

Addressing the Gender Gap in Engineering

There's a gap that needs to be addressed, but things are improving.

A Gender Crisis ofConfidence
Singing the Same Tune
Challenges Still FacingWomen in Microwaves and How You Can Help

Engineering Feedback

Check out what women engineers and scientists are saying about their careers.

Mind the Gap
The Gender Divide: Interview with Nita Patel
What’s It Like to be a Female Engineer in Formula E?

STEM and Young Engineers

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are watchwords in schools these days, especially for young engineers.

Interest Is Growing, But STEM Is Nothing New for Girl Scouts
The Insider’s Guide to a Successful Career in STEM: A Woman’s Perspective
Ada Lovelace Day Encourages Diversity in STEM