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Enforced Coding Using Ada Contracts

May 12, 2021
This multipart article series examines how Ada contracts provide SPARK with the ability to prove software correctness.

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Safe and secure software requires code to meet specifications. These are often written documents that have to be translated into applications by programmers. Unfortunately, the contract between the specifications and implementation can be tenuous and even ignored, which can lead to problems. It would be great if the specifications could be enforced by the compiler. 

Contracts are a technology added to Ada 2012 and based on SPARK, a provable subset of Ada. A programmer can annotate aspects of the software, such as the pre- and post-conditions. This allows the compiler to prove that the code does what is specified by the developer. This includes code that may call a function, allowing many validity checks to be removed since the compiler makes sure arguments meet the specified requirements. 

These articles provide examples and insights into contract-based programming:

An Intro to Spark is another good resource. It is an interactive website where you can try out contracts. 

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