Energy monitoring for consumer products

Dec. 10, 2009
New software lets manufacturers of consumer networking and electronics equipment quickly add energy monitoring capabilities.

The newly devised GreenDash software gives users an instant view of home energy consumption, which lets them cut their energy usage. This information is available in real time - at home, away or abroad - on an easily understood, dashboard-style graphical user interface (GUI).

Devised by FutureDash Corp., the software gives users a virtual in-home display (IHD) to monitor and manage their current electricity consumption in real-time and view their historical usage. This can be done on a web browser or other compatible client hardware such as a smartphone, PDA, notebook, connected TV or set-top box.

The GreenDash server acts as an energy monitoring hub, collecting data in real-time from the smart meter and other compatible smart energy devices around the Home Area Network (HAN), then relaying it in real-time to dashboard clients via the user’s home network or the Internet.
Hardware OEMs and manufacturers of consumer electronics, networking and broadband residential gateway devices can bundle GreenDash server software to quickly add energy monitoring capabilities to their current or planned product lines, without the overhead of in-house software development. Compatible server devices include routers, gateways, network attached storage (NAS), media servers, IPTVs and set-top boxes. Such hardware, once enabled with the GreenDash server, will then allow a broadband services provider or utility company in turn to offer energy monitoring products and services to their customers.
The GreenDash cloud computing-based infrastructure aggregates and stores data, allowing the homeowner to also monitor energy usage trends over time and view a complete historical account of their energy consumption.

Here is a link to the full product release:

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