ODVA goes energy efficient

Feb. 14, 2011
ODVA's Common Industrial Protocol is about to get extensions to promote energy efficiency.

The Open DeviceNet Vendors Association has formed a special interest group (SIG) to develop specification enhancements for energy applications utilizing the organization's Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). The work of the SIG will focus on developing energy parameters, objects and services for energy optimization. Initial enhancements of the ODVA specifications are expected to be available in 2012.

The Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) encompasses a suite of messages and services for the collection of manufacturing automation applications – control, safety, synchronization, motion, configuration and information. It allows users to integrate these manufacturing applications with enterprise-level Ethernet networks and the Internet. It is designed to provide a coherent integration of I/O control, device configuration and data collection, a seamless flow of information across multiple networks, and an ability to implement multi-layer networks without the added cost and complexity of bridges and proxies.

Although understanding energy consumption is critical to truly optimizing plantwide operations, production planners have not had all the necessary tools. ODVA seeks to change this situation by fostering best practices in energy resource allocation, including visibility of energy data throughout the layers of the production information systems.

More info: http://www.odva.org/Home/tabid/53/lng/en-US/language/en-US/Default.aspx

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