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In-Vehicle Controller Wirelessly Charges Two Mobile Devices at Once

Sept. 1, 2020
NXP Semiconductors introduced a wireless charging controller to simultaneously charge two Qi-enabled mobile devices at up to 2 x 15 W.

NXP Semiconductors now offers the first multi-device, in-vehicle wireless charging solution driven by a single controller and available now in production vehicles. In adopting the new 15-W wireless power standard, NXP’s MWCT series charge controllers enable faster charging and let automakers deliver a way for driver and a passenger to both wirelessly charge mobile devices on a single console.

Using a single MWCT device in the vehicle enables carmakers to benefit from reduced cost and physical footprint for device charging. Based on the Qi standard, the controller supports all Qi-enabled phones, including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others.

Smartphones, ubiquitous as they have become, are increasingly interoperable with vehicles in applications such as smart car access with NFC. Consumers need their phones to be charged on the go to access information, make purchases, maintain contact with friends and family, and tap emergency services when required. Wireless charging is an elegant solution that gets rid of bulky chargers and cords and is increasingly in demand.

The new MWCT series is enabled by NXP’s hybrid DSC core with dedicated peripherals that allow the two Qi protocols to run in parallel in a single MWCT controller. New patented technologies, such as Clean EMC (CEMC), are said to provide breakthroughs in electromagnetic compatibility performance, which is required for CISPR 25 Class 5 in 15-W systems. As a result, OEMs can reduce the overall system bill of materials.

Additional features of the MWCT controllers include:

  • Multi-coil supported per channel for expansion of charging area
  • Hardware and software solution with NXP’s Qi library powers millions of Qi-certified in-vehicle chargers in the field
  • Optional NFC for convenience features such as BLE/Wi-Fi pairing, smart car access with NFC, in-car purchases, and NFC card damage protection
  • Future Qi spec is release-ready and includes automotive-grade security to fulfill upcoming requirements
  • Patented Clean EMC (CEMC) signal processing for CISPR 25 Class 5
  • Enhanced safety performance via Foreign Object Detection (FOD) methods
  • Production-ready hardware design files and available software

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