Seica plans for IPC Apex Expo

Jan. 23, 2015

Seica Inc. at IPC Apex Expo will highlight its new line of flying probers, the Pilot 4D, with both the Pilot 4DV8 and Pilot FX on display February 24-26 in San Diego. The Pilot 4D line represents the company’s latest in technology in flying probe testing for in-circuit test (ICT), functional testing, and data-regeneration applications. The Pilot 4DV8 will show the latest features for automotive and LED light testing applications. Seica’s LED option can perform testing of all key parameters of board-mounted LEDs, such as the lumens. Under the control of Seica’s Viva software, the prober will analyze the intensity of several board-mounted LEDs.

In addition, Seica has also incorporated a sophisticated laser scanner for quick and accurate measurements of “bow and twist” and board topologies. The Pilot FX is Seica’s recently introduced full “bed of nails” (BON) flying-grid tester. This system is set up for easy panel testing of circuits for high throughput with very easy swap out of test pins on an individual probe head assembly.

In the area of high-volume functional test and ICT, Seica will highlight the state-of-the-art for power-inverter test, the new Compact Multi Power, the green tester that may recycle up to 80% of the power used for testing a motor inverter, up to 24 kW. In addition, Seica awill highlight a Compact TK, showing the high-performances provided by the Seica Compact Line for automotive test, where world-class manufacturing standards have inspired Seica engineers to design a comprehensive line of testers suitable for a modern lean production environment.

In addition, the small bench-top ICT/functional line will also be showcased at the Seica booth, including the MINI 80 and MINI 200 rack-mountable ATE, with full in-circuit and functional test capabilities enclosed in a box the same size of a DVD player. The MINI series tester can be used as a stand-alone or as add-on tool for more complex tester architectures. Last but not least, the Firefly LASER selective soldering system will also be presented, with new enhanced software and more tools for high volume production in a clean environment.

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