ACT to showcase 10-kW power-electronics coolers at APEC

Feb. 27, 2017

Lancaster, PA. Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc. (ACT) announced today it will be highlighting a new high-performance power electronics cooler at this year’s Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), being held at Tampa, FL, March 27-30. Tests have shown the new coolers are capable of passively transferring more than 11 kW of waste heat with no power, no noise, and no moving parts. The coolers utilize thermosyphon technology, which can move large amounts of waste heat efficiently.

According to Devin Pellicone, lead engineer for the new product-development effort, “The prevailing thermal packaging strategy in medium-voltage drives has been to transfer waste heat from a cold plate, densely populated with power electronics modules, to a remotely located air-cooled radiator for dissipation. Existing solutions achieve this by utilizing a number of heat pipes embedded in the cold plate, which has limitations on the amount of energy that can be efficiently absorbed. Our new products allow us to passively remove two to three times more waste heat than previous generations of thermal technologies, while maintaining the same package size.”

Dr. Rich Bonner, manager of ACT’s Custom Products Group, added, “Our power-electronics customers have an insatiable desire for thermal technologies capable of removing waste heat at higher power densities. Our current customers are now pushing us hard to launch the next generation of thermal solutions that will push to even higher performance levels. The market demand for our increasing capabilities has been strong.”

At its APEC exhibit booth, ACT will also be highlighting its other thermal-management solutions including passive heat pipes, PCM heat sinks, and pumped two phase cooling systems.

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