Murata launches DC/DC converters for industrial and railway applications

May 31, 2018

Murata has announced the launch of its latest encapsulated DC/DC converters, designed specifically for use in industrial and railway applications. The 150-W IRH series from Murata Power Solutions provides power conversion efficiency in an industry-standard half-brick pinout, using the latest component and packaging technologies in a fixed-frequency switching-power-supply architecture. The IRH series offers the user flexibility and reliability in design implementation.

The unit features a 3:1 input voltage range of 57.6 VDC to 160 VDC and delivers 5-V, 12-V, or 24-V outputs with 3,000-VRMS input-to-output isolation. It is designed and tested to meet the requirements of EN50155. It is available with standard and flanged baseplate options and with DOSA or alternate industry-standard pinout options. Standard features include on/off logic control and protection against short circuits, overvoltage, and over-temperature. Efficiency ratings of 91% at 5 V, 89.5% at 12 V, and 89% at 24 V.

Encapsulated circuit design makes the converters shock- and vibration-tolerant and improves EMI and thermal performance. They meet the requirements of the EN50155 standard for railway applications for a nominal input voltage of 96 VDC and 110 VDC. The topology supports a pre-biased output at start-up, eliminating the reverse currents during system start and shutdown that can damage critical circuitry.


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