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April 8, 2020

As the need for more robust and reliable electricity and power increases, the proper equipment is required. We’re continually looking for new, low-cost, less wasteful and efficient ways to keep us powered. Luckily, companies like MicroPower Direct, GaN Systems, and XP Power has you covered with their latest products. From new powerful, low-cost converters to a 100% noise tested Junction Field Effect Transistor, here’s a look at the latest power equipment you need to know about.  

MicroPower Direct introduces new ML100E series of low-cost converters  

MicroPower Direct introduces its new line of low-cost 1W DC/DC converters, the ML100E series. These converters offer broad level power distribution for a variety of applications requiring low cost, reliable field operation, and a small component footprint. 

Packaged in a miniature SMT case with industry-standard output, it has 41 standard models operate from 3.3, 5, 12 & 24 VDC inputs, providing outputs of 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 24, ±5, ±9, ±12, ±15 or ±24 VDC. Features include short circuit protection, available on tape/reel for automated production equipment use, input/output isolation of 1,500 VDC, 85% efficiency and operation over the wide temp range of -40°C to +105°C. The MTBF of the ML100E series (per MIL HDBK 217F) is greater than 3.5 Mhours. All models are RoHS compliant. 

The ML100E series is available from MicroPower Direct now. Click here for more information. 

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Power adapter brings together the best of ON Semiconductor and GaN Systems’ GaN E-HEMETS 

GaN Systems and ON Semiconductor team up for the world’s highest power density 300-watt AC Adapter Reference DesignUsing GaN Systems’ GaN E-HEMTs and ON Semiconductor Controller and Driver ICs, this adapter is highly versatile and low cost. It can be easily be applied to various applications and markets, including HDTV power supplies, gaming notebooks and console adapters as well as ultra-small power supplies for industrial and medical devices.

The device offers technical information, such as PCB layout, and BOM (bill of material) files, and EMI and efficiency data. The kit hardware features PFC, LLC, and secondary stages and has a high-efficiency synchronous PFC, which meets CoC T2 benchmark, a highly versatile low-cost 2-Layer design, and universal input with 19 V Output at 340 W peak. 

For more information, including where to buy the kit, visit gansystems.com. 

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Linear Systems’ LSK389 series is now the industry’s first 100% noise tested Junction Field Effect Transistor 

Linear Systems’ popular LSK389 Series, Ultra-Low Noise, Monolithic Dual, N-Channel JFET is being re-released and is now 100% tested to meet or exceed noise specifications. The LSK389has the capability for individual screening of small-signal discrete components to levels below a billionth of a volt (nV/√Hz) of noise in quantities up to tens of thousands of parts.This new transistor is ideal for battery operated preamps, sonic imaging, hydrophones, chemical and radiation detectors, microphones, and more.

Features include: 

  • Ultra-Low Noise: en = 1.3nV/√Hz (typ), f = 1.0kHz and NBW = 1.0Hz Four grades of IDSS: 2.6-6.5mA, 6.0-12.0mA, 10.0-20.0mA and 17-30mA, with an IDSS match of 10 percent Tight Matching: IVGS1-2I = 15mV max 

  • High Breakdown Voltage: BVGSS = 40V max 

  • High Gain: Gfs = 20mS (typ) 

  • Relatively Low Capacitance: 25pF (typ) 

  • Available in surface mount SOIC 8L and thru-hole TO-71 6L packages 

  • Improved signal chain noise performance 

  • Better matching and thermal tracking 

For more information, contact [email protected]. 


XP Power’s new high voltage DC-DC power module is ideal for scientific and semiconductor applications 

Introducing XP Power’s new 30 Watt DC-DC power module, the HRL30 series. The new module generates up to 6kVDC from a single 24VDC input providing accurate high voltage output for various applications, including mass spectrometry, electrostatic chucks, photomultiplier tubes and more.

The series features 22 models with a range of fully controllable outputs from 0-200VCD to 0-6kVDC available in both positive and negative polarities. The module can be powered by the 24V rail thanks to its wide input range of 22 to 30V, and its inbuilt precision +5VDC reference provides a stable supply to control the high voltage output. 

Key features include fully programmable output current and voltage, ability to operate across temperatures ranging from -40 C to +70 C, and voltage and current monitor outputs for remote monitoring and easy systems integration.  

The HRL30 series is available now for $423.56 for 500 pieces. Find more information at https://www.xppower.com/product/HRL30-Series. 

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Trinamic’s new driver solutions for high-power stepper motors now available 

TRINAMIC Motion Controls GmbH & Co. KG has two new drivers for high-power stepper motors: the TCMCM-1278 and PD60/86-1278 PANdrive. Each encased in special housing, the TMCM-1278, is a motion controller and driver in a single module designed for NEMA 23/24 motors. At the same time, the PD60/86-1278 is a mechatronic solution that mounts on a NEMA 24/34 PANdrive motor. Both drivers are controlled by a CAN interface and support Trinamic’s TMCL firmware and CANopen.

Features include built-in StealthChop and SpreadCycle for quiet and precise motor operation, integrated SixPoint ramp generator, supply voltage of 12 to 48V DC, and CAN bus interface with TMCL or CANopen protocol. The I/Os can also be used as general-purpose inputs or ABN encoder inputs for additional drive monitoring. These drivers are ideal for applications that require high-power stepper motors, such as lab automation, manufacturing, and CNC machines.  

The TMCM-1278 and PD86-3-1278 PANdrive are available now. Find more information at https://www.trinamic.com/products/modules/details/tmcm-1278/. 

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