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Tech Focus: DC/DC converters

June 19, 2020

DC/DC converters come with a range of capabilities, ranging from low-power devices for IoT and wearable applications to high-power modules that can power servers as well as storage and network equipment. Here is a sampling of some products on the market.

DIN rail-mount DDA DC/DC converters

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand DIN rail mount DDA DC/DC converters. The series uses step-down non-isolated power modules that operate from an input range of 9 up to 53Vdc, with a wide adjustable output voltage range of 3.3 up to 24V. The DDA is ideally suited for generating additional low cost, high current outputs from an existing 24V bus in industrial, semi fabrication and test and measurement equipment. Three models are available in the DDA series. A single nominal output +12V 20A, a dual output +12V 20A / +5V 20A and a dual output +12V 14A / -12V 8A. Output power is typically 250W for each of the positive outputs and 75W for the negative output. Convection cooled, the overall output power is 250W, which can be increased to up to 500W with forced air cooling. Positive remote sense, remote on/off and individual power good signals are fitted as standard. The DDA series is highly efficient, up to 95%, reducing internal waste heat for reliable operation. The models are 123.4mm high, 115mm deep and have a very narrow 36.5mm width, providing additional space on the DIN rail. TDK-Lambda

Industrial-quality DC/DC converter

2000W Liquid Cooled, high input voltage DC-DC converter ABSOPULSE Electronics has released the LQC 2K-3U2LC, a liquid cooled, industrial quality DC-DC converter that uses field-proven technology to deliver up to 2000W output power. The unit accepts an input of 600Vdc (400Vdc to 800Vdc range) and provides 24Vdc/80A output voltage. A built-in output separation diode allows parallel connection of several units for higher system output. Custom input/output voltages are also available. The LQC 2K-3U2LC liquid cooled converter is designed for dense enclosed spaces where heatsinks, fan or pure convection cooling are not feasible. The unit is typically used in vehicles, industrial automation and similar heavy-duty applications. The LQC 2K-3U2LC is cooled entirely by liquid coolant. The cold plate has an embedded tube running a loop of coolant liquid which ensures a -25ºC to +50ºC coolant temperature range for full specification. The unit is connected to the external customer cooling system, which provides the liquid coolant. Optional internal temperature sensors can be installed to monitor the liquid coolant temperature. The LQC 2K-3U2LC is equipped with heavy filtering on the input and output, which contributes to low noise. This ensures that the converters can be used in EMI sensitive environments without additional filtering. The input meets EN55032 Class A with wide margins; Class B is available as an option. ABSOPULSE

10-Watt DC/DC converter series

The THN 10 WIR series of 10 watt high-density DC/DC Converters in the industry standard 1” x 1” footprint and qualified for rugged industrial and railway applications and are designed and manufactured for high reliability in harsh environments. The converters have ultrawide 4:1 input ranges of 9-36, 18-78 and 36-160 VDC with single and dual outputs ranging from 3.3-24 VDC. The innovative design provides high efficiencies up to 90% and enables a full load operating temperature range from -40 to +80°C without derating and increased resistance against electromagnetic interference, shock/vibration and thermal shock. All models are safety approved to IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 with CB Report and EN 50155 certified qualifying them for harsh environments in industrial, railway and transportation systems and further qualified for fire behavior of components per EN 45545-2. Features include: an internal EN 55032 class A input filter; input under-voltage-lockout; short circuit protection; remote on/off; and output voltage trim. All models offer extreme reliability with an MTBF in excess of 2.3 million hours and are supported by a 3-year warranty. TRACO POWER

80-W DC/DC converter

Cosel Co. Ltd. has announced the release of a high-reliability 80-W DC/DC converter, the MGF80. Packaged in an industry-standard 2-in. x 1-in. 6-sided, shielded metallic case, the series has been designed with a failure rate below 30 ppm. The MGF80 does not include aluminum or tantalum capacitors. Addressing a range of demanding applications, the series is available in two input voltages: 9 V to 36 V and 18 V to 76 V. A single output version, the MGFS80, is available in four output voltages, 3.3, 5, 12, and 15 V, and can be adjusted within a range of ±10% using a resistor bridge or potentiometer. A dual output version, the MGFW80 is available in two factory-trimmed output voltages, ±12 V and ±15 V. Cosel Co. Ltd.

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