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Trio of Tiny Gate Drivers Support Up to 200-V Half-Bridge Topologies

March 1, 2019
These 100-V MOSFET/IGBT gate drivers with differing current source/sink ratings use junction isolation and level shifting to support 200-V bootstrapped half-bridge configurations.

There seems to be no end to the need for gate drivers for MOSFETs and IGBTs. On that front, a trio of drivers from Diodes Inc. targets high-voltage, high-speed requirements in power converters, inverters, motor control, and Class-D power amplifier applications. The company’s DGD2003S8, DGD2005S8, and DGD2012S8 devices are aimed at motor applications up to 100 V. However, they can support 200-V applications due to their junction-isolated level-shift technology which creates a floating-channel high-side driver in a bootstrap arrangement (see figure).

The latest trio of 100-V gate drivers from Diodes Inc. feature junction-isolated level shifting to control a pair of bootstrapped two N-channel MOSFETs in the 200-V half-bridge configuration.

These SO-8 devices can control two N-channel MOSFETs in the half-bridge configuration often seen used in power tools, robotics and drones, and small electric vehicles. The three drivers differ primarily (but not solely) in their sink/source ratings, with source and sink currents of 290 mA and 600 mA for the DGD2003S8 and DGD2005S8, respectively, and 1.9A/2.3A source/sink for the DGD2012S8. Their control-logic inputs include Schmitt triggers to eliminate noise-induced turn-on/off chatter and are compatible with standard TTL and CMOS levels (down to 3.3 V) to ease interfacing with the controlling device.

The DGD2003S8, DGD2005S8, and DGD2012S8 also include undervoltage lockout for both their high- and low-side drivers, among other features. Comprehensive datasheets include specifications and graphs defining static and dynamic performance across a wide range of parameters and operating conditions. The drivers are specified to operate from −40 to +125°C and are priced at $0.35 for DGD2003S8 and DGD2005S8, and $0.53 for DGD2012S8 (5000-piece lots).

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