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Thin-Film Power Inductor Targets Mobile Devices

June 6, 2019
TDK’s high efficiency power inductor features reduced dc resistance of 79 mΩ, and a rated current of 2.5 A.

TDK Corporation announced the development of a miniaturized thin-film power inductor in an IEC 2012 case size that can handle higher currents compared to conventional products. The low-profile TFM201208ALD power inductor measures 2.0 x 1.25 x 0.8 mm and is available with a rated inductance of 1.0 µH.

Owing to its reduced dc resistance of 79 mΩ, which is 12% lower than that of conventional products, the power inductor achieves low losses, according to the company.

Combined with improved dc superposition characteristics, the new power inductor features a rated current of 2.5 A, which is 4% higher than conventional products. As a result, the new power inductor helps improve the power conversion efficiency of power circuits at high loads, especially in the power circuits of compact mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This, in turn, helps maximize battery life while maintaining the high functionality of the devices, says the company.

Mass production of the new TFM201208ALD thin-film power inductor started in May 2019.

TDK will continue to expand its lineup of thin-film power inductors with miniaturized IEC 1608 types, including automotive grade types.


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