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ROHM Stakes Claim to the Lowest-Power Op Amp

May 10, 2024
The LMR1901YG-M offers ultra-low power consumption for battery-powered sensor amplifiers and portables.

What you’ll learn:

  • ROHM claims the lowest-power op amp available.
  • Rail-to-rail operation on up to a 5.5-V supply.
  • SSOT5 surface-mount packaging.


ROHM recently introduced the LMR1901YG-M op amp, designed for sensor amplifiers and battery-powered and portable devices. This AEC-Q100-qualified operational amplifier features leading ultra-low power consumption, low input-offset voltage, and rail-to-rail-capable inputs/output. 

With its typical 160-nA supply current, the single-channel LMR1901YG-M has the company claiming the title to lowest-power general-purpose op amp, reducing power by 38% over the nearest competitor. Thus, it’s suitable for low-power remote sensing and portable applications. Power-rail current consumption is claimed to be invariant over the operating temperature range, though ROHM declined to provide details on how this was achieved.

The device can operate from single- or dual-polarity power supplies, spanning a total of 1.7 to 5.5 V, and has an operating temperature range of −40 to 105°C. ROHM didn’t provide a timeframe for when a −40 ~ 125°C automotive-grade part could be expected when asked. The parts will likely be test sorted at temperature, so maybe in a few quarters from now is a guess as they get more wafer lots through the fab.

Other key specifications:

  • 0.55-mV maximum input offset voltage
  • VSS to VDD common-mode “rail-to-rail” input-voltage range
  • 0.5-pA typical input bias current

The LMR1901YG-M datasheet, and a Spice model for the device, can be found here, along with Spice decks for common op-amp circuits. 

The device, packaged in an SMT SSOP5, is currently in stock (check inventory here) at leading distributors, with a 1kU budgetary distributor price of around $0.82 each.

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