New Products Push Power Further at APEC 2022 (Part 1)

April 6, 2022
Electronic Design takes you through some of the highlights of APEC 2022.

This article is part of our APEC 2022 coverage. 

The world is working to roll out faster, more compact chargers, cheaper and longer-range electric cars, and renewable-powered electric grids backed by battery storage in an effort to reduce rising carbon emissions.

Integral to this all-electric future is power electronics, a market expected to rise to $26 billion by 2026. The companies that supply these power devices are working to stay a step ahead of power design challenges.

At APEC last month, companies pushed the envelope with a wide range of devices that improve power density and give a boost to battery charging. Other top priorities include reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI), preserving power and signal integrity, as well as improving system reliability. Ultimately, they are working to give electrical engineers more parts to choose from while designing power supplies or other power devices.

Other areas of focus for companies at APEC include improved thermal management and smaller, more integrated packaging to cut more external components out of the equation. 

They also launched new SiC and GaN switches, diodes, and other devices to help push efficiency gains and switching speeds even further in sectors such as automotive and industrial. SiC and GaN both have unique physical properties that can be leveraged to squeeze more power into smaller envelopes that weigh less and generate less heat.

This gallery highlights some of the power devices you need to know from APEC 2022.

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