The 2022 PowerBest Awards: Power Devices

Jan. 17, 2023
Electronic Design’s 2022 PowerBest Awards celebrate last year's most significant innovations in power conversion, power storage, and power device technology.

This gallery is part of the This Week in PowerBites Library Series.

The year 2022 was a very busy for the power sector, marked by unusually high levels of technical innovation and new product introductions within nearly every application category. This made it even more difficult than usual to trim down our long list of deserving candidates for this year's PowerBest awards.

Despite our best efforts to hold the final list of awards to our traditional dozen, a surge in the number of promising battery-related products and technologies added an additional two entries to our 2023 PowerBest honoree roster. Thus, due to the large number of award winners, we've broken them down into three rough categories for easier navigation:

Electronic Design offers our congratulations to this year's PowerBest winners, and deep thanks to the many other worthy candidates who made the selection process so challenging!


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