2023 PowerBest Awards: Power Applications

Jan. 19, 2024
Electronic Design's Lee Goldberg attempts to chronicle a year of remarkable advances in power technology with an overstuffed baker's dozen of 2023's most notable products in three categories. These awards wrap up with Power Applications.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Energy efficiency, integration, and innovation were the primary drivers behind 2023's remarkable advances in power electronics.
  • WBG (SiC and GaN) semiconductor technologies have matured rapidly over the past year, as demonstrated by a growing number of products that are more highly integrated and make designing with these devices as easy as their silicon counterparts.
  • As the power sector adjusts to its accelerated rate of development, we are seeing significant advances in power-related design tools, as well as the devices themselves.


2023 was another remarkably busy year for the power sector, marked by unusually high levels of technical innovation and new product introductions within nearly every application category. This year, we even saw some notable developments in passive components and design tools, making it even more difficult than usual to trim down our long list of deserving candidates for this year's PowerBest awards.

Despite our best efforts to hold the final list of awards to our traditional dozen, a surge in the number of promising power-related products and technologies added an additional two entries to our 2023 PowerBest honoree roster. We've broken them down into three rough categories for easier navigation:

Electronic Design offers our congratulations to this year's PowerBest winners. And a deep thanks goes out to the many other worthy candidates who made the selection process so challenging!

Here are the winners in the Power Applications category:

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