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Programmable DC Power Supply LIne Expands

Sept. 16, 2014
Keithley Instruments, Inc. announced the new Series 2260B Programmable DC Power Supplies, which include two 360 W and two 720 W models.

The Series 2260B Programmable DC Power Supplies from Keithley Instruments, Inc. includes two 360 W and two 720 W models. The Series 2260B family, which complements the recently introduced Series 2200 family of single- and multi-channel power supplies, is designed for benchtop, embedded, and manufacturing test applications that demand higher power and performance.

The 360W Model 2260B-30-36 and the Model 2260B-80-13 Programmable DC Power Supplies are capable of sourcing a wide range of voltage and currents. For applications with higher power requirements, the Model 2260B-30-72 and the Model 2260B-80-27 can output up to 720 W. Depending on the model chosen, Series 2260B power supplies can source up to 80 V or 72 A. This wide range of output levels, combined with LAN and USB connectivity and an optional GPIB interface, makes Series 2260B supplies well suited for applications such as environmental, stress, and accelerated life test; LED and higher power component test; automotive test; battery research and test; and production test.

To prevent transient voltage overshoot spikes from damaging devices under test (DUTs) when power is initially supplied, Series 2260B power supplies have programmable voltage and current rise time (or slew rate) control. The programming of a current rise time puts Series 2260B supplies in a constant current control priority mode in which the current slew rate limits the rate at which the voltage rises across the DUT. Fall times can also be programmed independently from rise time values, so the power delivered to a load can be precisely controlled to prevent overshoot spikes, high in-rush currents, undershoot spikes, and high turn-off transients. This helps prevents damage to components, modules, or devices and allows generating more precise characteristic I-V curves for components such as LEDs. Programmable on-off delays allow turning circuits on and off at specified times to ensure power is applied and safely removed when needed.

The list prices of the Series 2260B Programmable DC Power Supplies are as follows:

·     Model 2260B-30-36: $1420

·     Model 2260B-80-13: $1420

·     Model 2260B-30-72: $1880

·     Model 2260B-80-27: $1880

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