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Ultra-High Density Power Converters

May 29, 2015
Murata has announced the launch of the D1U86P Series of ultra-high density power converters.

Murata has announced the launch of the D1U86P Series of ultra-high density power converters. The 1600 watt rated D1U86 features AC-input and DC-input models. The power supplies are designed to fit 1U enclosures, and measure a mere 86 mm wide and 197.7 mm deep. High density packaging techniques provide a market leading 38W per cubic inch power density.

Each D1U86P power supply generates a main output of 12VDC. There is also a 12VDC standby output for power management circuitry. The main DC output delivers up to 133.3A, with droop current sharing when paralleling multiple power supplies. Up to eight power supplies may be used in parallel for very high current applications up to and beyond 1,000A.

With output ratings of 1600W for 180-264Vac inputs, 1350W for 108-264Vac, and 1200W for 90-264Vac inputs, the converters provide higher power at low line levels when compared to competitors' similar power supplies. The D1U86 series achieves 94% efficiency at 50% load.

The converters offer a holdup time of 12ms, compared to competitors' 10ms. Simplifying design, the D1U86P series uses the same form factor for AC or DC inputs, and both models are available for any airflow type. Exhibiting high reliability, the converters' MTBF exceeds 540khr as per Telcordia SR-322 M1C1 at 40°C, and for convenience and familiarity they use a standard C14 AC-input connector and a terminal block for DC-input.

Targeted for networking applications, storage, high performance computing, and data centers, Murata's D1U86P series uses the very latest power switching technology and high density component packaging techniques to provide a truly market-leading product. It offers the highest power density in the market, high current 12V power up to 133A, minimum holdup time of 12ms, industry-standard PMBus communications protocol, and a high MTBF. 

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