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3 A Step-Down DC-DC Converter Boosts Energy Efficiency

May 14, 2013
ON Semiconductor Corporation has introduced the LV5980MC, a 3 A step down DC-DC converter that improves conversion efficiency at light load.

The LV5980MC from ON Semiconductor Corporation is a 3 A step down DC-DC converter that improves conversion efficiency at light load. In consumer electronics designs, the device is able to reduce energy consumption during standby mode.

The LV5980MC regulates input voltages from 4.5 volts (V) to 23 V down to an output voltage as low as 1.235 V. Combining a low consumption power saving feature, (the device shows an operating current of 63 µA, with both pulse-width modulation (PWM) and pulse-frequency modulation (PFM), the device can achieve 80 percent efficiency at an output current of 2 mA in typical applications. The device also includes an internally fixed switching frequency of 370 kHz, high-side MOSFET of 100 milliohms and is able to supply up to 3.0 A of load current.

The LV5980MC is offered in a SOIC-8 package and budgetary priced at $0.7 USD per unit in 2,500 unit quantities.


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