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24 V DC/DC Converters Meet High-Voltage Needs

Oct. 7, 2013
ICT announces two new models of its Site Converter Series, a high current, high efficiency rack mount DC to DC converter designed for dual-voltage site applications.

Two new models have been added to ICT'S Site Converter Series of high current, high efficiency rack mount DC/DC converters for dual-voltage site applications. The new models provide 24 VDC output, adding to the 12 VDC output models launched earlier this year.

ICT now provides the ability to convert high current 48 VDC input to 24 VDC output, or 24 or 48 VDC input to 12 VDC output to power two-way radios, repeaters, RF amplifiers, trunking systems, or other electronic equipment. The new 24 V models support 35 A or 50 A of peak current, while the 12 V models support 70 or 100 A of peak current. Typical efficiency is 90%, meaning less energy will be lost in the conversion process.

ICT Site Converters are fully isolated, and can be used in positive or negative ground environments. The wide-ranging input voltage is also ideal for sites where the DC voltage may fluctuate. Output voltage is adjustable between 12.5 and 14.5 VDC, or 25.0 to 29.0 VDC using a front-mounted trim pot. A remote alarm contact will signal when DC fails or the converter shuts down. The converter can be shut down remotely for servicing or to conserve battery when not in use.

Reliability is achieved through careful design that virtually eliminates internal wiring and connections that can fail. Wide input voltage ranges are less susceptible to voltage spikes and drops. Every unit is extensively tested and burned in before it leaves the factory. ICT DC-DC Converters have a proven track record of reliability over years of field service, and the Site Converter Series is backed up by a three year warranty.


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