Photovoltaic Relays Have Lower On-State Resistance

Sept. 27, 2006
International Rectifier has introduced 20V microelectronic power IC photovoltaic relays with 50 percent lower on-state resistance.

International Rectifier’s (IR), series of photovoltaic relays is intended for applications including computers and computer peripherals. Compared to its predecessor, the PVN012A family offers a 50% reduction of ac-dc on-state resistance (RDD(ON)) and 37.5% increase of maximum ac-dc load-current rating at full (100%) duty cycle.

The series is also rated for maximum pulsed (surge) load current. When compared to traditional electromechanical relays, the PVN012A family offers a smaller footprint, high input-to-output isolation, bounce-free operation, solid-state reliability, stable on-resistance over life, and greater input sensitivity.

These 20-V single-pole, normally open, solid-state relays utilize a HEXFET MOSFET output switch, driven by an integrated photovoltaic generator circuit. The output switch is controlled by radiation from a GaAlAs light-emitting diode (LED) that is optically isolated from the photovoltaic generator. The new series is available in 6-pin DIP, 6-pin SMT, and in tape and reel.

All members of the PVN012A family have an ac-dc on-resistance of 0.05 Ω, a dc on-resistance of 0.015 Ω, an ac-dc load current rating of 4.0 A, a dc load-current rating of 6.0 A, and an input-output isolation of 4000 Vrms.

Production orders can be placed now. All in 10,000 unit quantities, pricing begins at $3.59 each for the PVN012APbF, $3.62 for the PVN012ASPbF and $3.67 for the PVN012AS-TPbF.


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