Shorted-Anode IGBTs Provide High Reliability for High-Power Induction Heating

April 7, 2013

High-voltage field-stop shorted-anode trench IGBTs from Fairchild Semiconductor provide designers with a highly efficient, cost-effective solution to induction heating design challenges. High-power and high-frequency induction heating (IH) appliances require lower conduction losses and superior switching performance in order to achieve higher efficiency and system reliability in applications such as IH rice cookers, table-top induction cookers and inverter-based microwave ovens.

Ranging from 1100-1400V, this new product family is optimized with intrinsic anti-parallel diodes for soft switching applications. With advancements over the typical non-punch-through (NPT) IGBT technology, Fairchild's shorted-anode silicon technology offers a lower saturation voltage of over 12 percent less than the same rating NPT-trench IGBT. Additionally, when compared to the competitor's IGBT offerings, this product family offers a lower tail-current rate of over 20 percent. These rich features allow Fairchild's advanced IGBTs to provide better thermal performance, higher efficiency and reduced power losses.


·      High-speed switching frequency range: 10 to 50 kHz

·      Lowest tail-current in industry for improved switching loss (FGA20S140P)

·      Low saturation voltage drop than existing NPT trench IGBTs

·      Robust pot detection noise immunity for reliability

·      High temperature stable behavior: Tj(max) = 175 degree C

·      RoHS compliant (Pb-free lead plating)

Packaging and Pricing Information (in US 1,000 quantity pieces)

Delivery 8-12 weeks ARO Available in a TO-3P 3L package:

·      1250V FGA20S125P        $2.03 

·      1250V FGA25S125P        $2.03

·      1300V FGA30S120P        $5.25

·      1400V FGA20S140P        $2.25

Available in a TO-247 3L package:

·      1300V FGH30S130P $3.40


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