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Small Bipolars Help Shrink Portable Designs

Sept. 18, 2013
Diodes Incorporated has announced the industry's first small-signal bipolar transistors to be provided in the miniature DFN0806-3 package.

The industry's first small-signal bipolar transistors supplied in the miniature DFN0806-3 package are available from Diodes IncorporatedWith a footprint of 0.48 mm2 and an off-board profile of only 0.4 mm, the transistors are 20% smaller than equivalent DFN1006, SOT883 and SOT1123 parts.

The bipolar's size advantage, coupled with a commendable 400mW power dissipation capability, will benefit smartphone, tablet and other space-critical portable product designs. Two complementary pairs of NPN and PNP transistors are initially being introduced by Diodes in the DFN0806-3 package, with pre-biased (digital) transistors to follow.

The NPN MMBT3904FA and PNP MMBT3906FA transistors are 40 V VCE rated, handle a continuous current of 200 mA and support a 500 mA peak pulse current.  The NPN BC847BFA and PNP BC857BFA devices are 45 V rated and have continuous current and pulse current handling capabilities of 100 mA and 200 mA, respectively.

The MMBT3904FA, MMBT3906FA, BC847BFA and BC857BFA transistors are priced at $0.08 USD each in 10 k quantities.

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