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High Power Semiconductors Now Last Up to 11 Times Longer

Sept. 8, 2014
In the future it will be possible to use IGBT High Power Modules (IHM) from Infineon Technologies AG even longer.

In the future it will be possible to use IGBT High Power Modules (IHM) from Infineon Technologies AG even longer. More robust construction and greatly improved thermal conductivity behavior increase the average life time in comparison to previous models by a factor of up to 11 under the same conditions of use. A major advantage here is that the electrical and mechanical parameters of the module remain the same in spite of the necessary changes involved. As a result there is no need for recertification and the qualification scope is minimized to an extreme extent.

Customers therefore benefit from the greater robustness and reliability of the IHM product family with very low development work or expenses. Another differentiation feature for customers: In spite of the considerable product improvements, the sale price has been kept at the same level. The new IHM-B Enhanced modules will go into volume production in August 2014.

The significantly longer life time of the IHM-B Enhanced modules is based on two central modifications. First of all, a newly implemented manufacturing technology enables more robust bond wire connections. This increases the resilience of the module components in power cycling associated with switching. The power cycling behavior of the IHM-B Enhanced has improved by a factor of two compared to the previous model.

Secondly, the thermal conductivity of the IHM-B Enhanced is increased by the combination of an aluminum silicon carbide (AlSiC) base plate with aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates. Depending on the topology used, the thermal resistivity drops by 16 - 18 percent: For example, with a 2400 A single switch module this means an improvement from 9.3 Kelvin per kilowatt (IHM-B) to only 7.8 Kelvin per kilowatt (IHM-B Enhanced). Significantly better dissipation of heat generated during operation of the module relieves in particular components susceptible to heat, such as chips and bond wires.

The new IHM-B Enhanced modules are available in the topologies Single Switch, Chopper, Chopper with Inverted Diode and Dual-Diode. In the IHM product portfolio, modules of the 1700 V voltage class will be upgraded first in the range of from 800 A to 3600 A. This conversion is to be completed by August 2014.

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