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Trench PT and FS IGBT Platform

March 9, 2015
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced its Trench IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) platform featuring Punch Through (PT) and Field Stop (FS) technologies.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced its Trench IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) platform featuring Punch Through (PT) and Field Stop (FS) technologies. Designed to increase efficiency in motor drives, UPS, solar inverters, and welding machine inverters, the Vishay Semiconductors devices, provided as bare die, offer low collector-to-emitter voltages and fast and soft turn-on and turn-off for low conduction and switching losses while providing breakdown voltages to 650 V for increased reliability.

Available in various die sizes with collector current ratings from 30 A to 240 A and breakdown voltages of 600 V and 650 V, the IGBT chips released today include Trench PT and FS devices, each available as sawn or unsawn die.

Offering extremely low conduction losses, the Trench PT devices feature a negative temperature coefficient for low collector-to-emitter voltages down to 1.07 V at 50 % rated current and 1.34 V at full rated current and +125 °C. With their Trench construction, the IGBTs offer a smaller size than planar devices, providing higher current density and lower thermal resistance, without compromising performance and reliability. The Trench PT IGBTs are optimized for low switching frequencies to 1 kHz.

Vishay's Trench FS devices reduce conduction losses with collector-to-emitter saturation voltage down to 1.45 V at full current and 25 °C while providing fast and soft switching for reduced power consumption and low turn-on and turn-off losses. In addition, the devices' soft turn-off reduces peak overvoltages, extends power ratings, and simplifies circuit layouts. The FS IGBTs offer a high operating temperature to +175 °C for a more robust design, while their 6 µs short circuit rating time at high temperature (150 °C) allows for safe and reliable operation under extreme load and failure conditions. The devices' low and positive temperature coefficient of the saturation voltage enables simple paralleling.

The devices are optimized for use in power modules and can be combined with Vishay's new FRED Pt® Gen4 Ultrafast soft diodes, where they will offer exceptionally low EMI, a maximum operating temperature of +175 °C, and plug-and-play reliability for single- and three-phase inverters, power factor correction (PFC) circuits, and full- and half-bridge DC/DC converters.

Samples of the above released IGBT and freewheeling diode parts can be ordered now for customer evaluation and qualification. 

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