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Silicon IGBT with Silicon Carbide Rectifiers

March 17, 2015
GeneSiC has developed hybrid Silicon IGBT with Silicon Carbide Rectifiers and modules.

GeneSiC has developed hybrid Silicon IGBT with Silicon Carbide Rectifiers and modules. The company uses the latest generation of low-loss IGBTs and pairs them with Silicon Carbide diodes. Replacing the traditional Silicon Freewheeling Diode (FWD) with Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifiers offers revolutionary switching performance. VDS is 1200V, RDS(ON) is 25 mW, ID =100A (25°C), hfe =100.

Features: 175°C maximum operating temperature Gate Oxide free SiC switch Excellent gain linearity Temperature independent switching pereformance Low output capacitance Positive temperature coefficient of RDS(ON) RoHS compliant


  • Zero diode reverse recovery loss independent of collector current IC and TJ
  • Reduces total inverter module losses
  • Reduces pole deadtime and deadtime compensation for lower current distortion
  • Size and weight reduction - High frequency operation capability
  • High efficiency and low loss - High reliability at high temperature
  • Cooling requirement reduction - Magnetic filter size reduction due to high frequency

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