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Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers

June 18, 2015
America Semiconductor announced the ASCT625A series of (SCRs).

America Semiconductor announced the ASCT625A Series of (SCRs). The 25 A, single-phase SCRs are provided in a standard TO-220A package, and feature a high ability to withstand the shock loading of large current. The robust parts additionally provide high dv/dt capabilities and a strong resistance to electromagnetic interference.

America Semiconductor’s newest SCR series is ideally suited for employment in a broad range of high-reliability consumer and industrial applications. They are most commonly specified for use in solid-state relays, motorcycles, power chargers, and power tools.

The parts feature a repetitive peak off-state voltage and repetitive peak reverse voltage of 600 V. Additional electrical characteristics include a maximum on-state voltage 1.60 V, continuous DC gate trigger current of 40 mA, and peak surge (non-repetitive) on-state current of 300 A.  The rectifiers also feature a maximum operating junction temperature range of -40° C to 125° C and maximum storage junction temperature range of -40° C to 150° C.  DC holding current is 50 mA. 


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