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Mid-Voltage MOSFET in an 8x8 Dual Cool Package

Nov. 16, 2015
Fairchild has launched its mid-voltage MOSFET technology in a Dual Cool 8mm x 8mm package.

Fairchild has launched its mid-voltage MOSFET technology in a Dual Cool 8mm x 8mm package. The new Dual Cool 88 MOSFET gives power conversion engineers a first-of-its-kind alternative to bulky D2-PAK packages at half the size and with higher power density, superior efficiency and better cooling via air flow above and beneath the package.

Manufacturers can increase the efficiency of DC motors while reducing costs using the Dual Cool 88 packaging rather than MOSFETs in D2-PAK packages.  Greater efficiencies with lower cost are enabled by the Dual Cool 88's packages advantages over D2-PAK, including smaller size, thinner profile, and 93 percent lighter in weight, making them ideal for weight-sensitive applications such as drones and aero-modeling.

Compared to D2-PAK, the Dual Cool 88's package also delivers faster switching, less EMI along with the higher power density, and lower parasitic losses.  The reduced parasitic losses are achieved using source clip not wire bonds, ensuring high pulse current with 63 percent lower source inductance compared to D2-PAK devices. The Dual Cool 88 is also easier to store, ship and handle as it is highly resistant to moisture, which often causes damaging delamination during storage.  Its excellent MSL1 rating allows it to resist moisture without requiring the protected packaging of D2-PAK devices. 


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