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AC Controllers, Three Phase Power Rectifier In Minibloc Package

May 14, 2014
IXYS Corporation announced the integration of more power into the popular SOT-227B/Minibloc package family.

IXYS Corporation announced the integration of more power into the popular SOT-227B/Minibloc package family. With the low profile configuration and robust terminals for higher current conduction, these products are suitable for higher power applications that exceed the capabilities of through the hole "TO" type discrete packages, like the TO-247 and TO-264.

IXYS has integrated a complete AC controller of 110 A /1200 V - the CLA110MB1200NA, providing a one phase solution for an AC soft start or power control unit. In addition, a phase leg with a thyristor and diode providing an active rectifier solution, to control in-rush currents, is introduced with ratings of 100 A /1200 V - the CLA100PD1200NA.

Other new products are the DNA90YA2200NA and the DNA90YC2200NA which when used together, create a compact three phase rectifier bridge of 90 Amps and 2200 Volt. The products are divided into the low-side - DNA90YA2200NA - and the high-side - DNA90YC2200NA - configuration.

The robustness of this IXYS Minibloc package with its screw terminals supports the new compact designs for high current rectification.  The low height of 12 mm enables the designers to create low profile products with good thermal performance and high electrical voltage isolation.

A few examples of the latest configurations integrated in the Minibloc package are listed below.

CLA100PD1200NA  100 A/1200 V      thyristor, diode phase leg

CLA110MB1200NA  110 A/1200 V      AC Controller

DPF240X200NA    240 A/200 V       fast dual diode with high current density

DNA90YA2200NA   90 A/2200 V       three low side diodes for three phase rectifier

DNA90YC2200NA   90 A/2200 V      three high side diodes for three phase rectifier

DSA300I200NA    300 A/200V       single Schottky diode

These Minibloc products are suitable for many power products such as UPS's, power supplies, inverters, solar inverters, welding equipment, battery chargers and motor drives.

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