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Two Voltage Domains, Zero Static Power, Zero Code GreenPAK 5

May 20, 2016
Silego Technology has announced a new addition to the fifth generation of GreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal ICs, which further expands Silego's family of Configurable Mixed-signal ICs.

Silego Technology has announced a new addition to the fifth generation of GreenPAK (GPAK) Programmable Mixed-signal ICs. The SLG46532V GPAK 5 further expands Silego's industry leading platform of Configurable Mixed-signal ICs (CMICs).

Available in a 2.0 x 3.0 mm 20-pin STQFN with 17-GPIO, the SLG46532V comes with a host of features including an Asynchronous State Machine, I2C, Dual Supply, and a variety of programmable analog and digital blocks.

Within the SLG46532V, the new Asynchronous State Machine can implement up to eight unique states with zero code, zero static power, and fail-safe operation. Because the device is dual supply, designers can create robust, state-dependent circuits interfacing two different voltage domains. The I2C block enables designers to change device configuration, such as analog comparator thresholds, on-the-fly. The I2C block can also act as a digital IO expander, giving this device the ability to expand two pins on a master device to as many as eight outputs or fifteen inputs across two voltage domains.  Included in the SLG46532V are improved Counter/Delay blocks, featuring one-shot and frequency detect modes, as well as the capability to drive an external crystal, for precision timing.

Like other devices in the GPAK family, development of SLG46532V projects takes advantage of the easy-to-use GPAK development hardware and simple GUI interface of GPAK Designer, allowing engineers to quickly and easily implement new designs and respond to changing design requirements. Unique to this latest generation, designers now have the ability to perform on-board emulation, within their design, using I2C. 

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