Defense Contractor Orders More Flywheel Power Systems

Feb. 21, 2006
Pentadyne Power has received a $725,000 follow-on order from Beaver Aerospace & Defense for Pentadyne's advanced flywheel power systems.

Pentadyne Power ( has received a $725,000 follow-on order from Beaver Aerospace & Defense ( for Pentadyne’s advanced flywheel power systems. This DX-A2 rated order is certified for National Defense Use and is part of an existing contract to supply over 500 flywheel systems to the defense contractor during the next few years. In addition, due to the superior performance of the flywheel systems over a two-year testing period, Pentadyne will become the exclusive supplier of flywheel power systems for this Homeland Security program.

The Pentadyne VSS+DC is a dc flywheel power system that provides a stable, reliable, low maintenance, extended-life dc voltage source for critical power applications. The VSS+DC, which can be paralleled for higher power requirements, can completely eliminate the need for maintenance-laden batteries in uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) by providing ride-through for short duration power outages or until a standby engine-generator can come on line.

"Pentadyne worked with us to provide an energy storage solution, which combined ultra high reliability and a small footprint with the ability to recycle energy," stated Fred McCrory, vice president of operations at Beaver Aerospace and Defense. "Our multi-unit trials over the past two years have confirmed the performance characteristics of the flywheel. We are very pleased with the performance of the Pentadyne product."

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