Phihong Pursues Patent Violators

Oct. 11, 2006
Phihong USA intends to take action against manufacturers infringing on the patent for its R-Series adapters' interchangeable clip design.

Phihong USA intends to take action against manufacturers infringing on the patent for its R-Series adapters’ interchangeable clip design. Phihong has several U.S. and international patents for wall plug adapters with interchangeable ac clips that convert the plugs for usage around the world.

“Phihong is committed to protecting its intellectual property to the fullest extent possible under the law,” said Peter Lin, president, Phihong. “By protecting our patented technology, we can assure that the innovation and quality of our product designs are preserved and our customers are protected from inferior products, some of which are clearly copies of our technology.”

Phihong’s legal team has been aware of several infringing products that have entered the marketplace. They are notifying offending parties of the company’s intent to protect its intellectual property, asking them to cease and desist.

“We will be taking legal action against companies that continue to violate our intellectual property including stopping shipments and seeking damages,” said Lin. “While Phihong is prepared to take action against violators, I hope they will desist of their own accord.”

The universal input and interchangeable clip adapter plugs enable the power supply to be connected to virtually any power outlet in the world, simplifying inventory and approvals with a single part number. AC Clips are available for the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, China, Korea, Argentina and Australia.

The R-Series adapters allow manufacturers to develop and produce one top assembly piece, and then configure the clips depending on where the adapter will be distributed. This enables OEMs to approve only one product design, which can then be used for distribution in any country in the world.

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