Differential Probe Benefits From Additional Input Dynamic Range

Aug. 31, 2012
LeCroy Corporation introduces a WaveLink differential probe product line - the Dxx30 Series - with models available at 8, 10 and 13 GHz.

LeCroy Corporation introduces a WaveLink differential probe product line - the Dxx30 Series - with models available at 8, 10 and 13 GHz. These probes offer high input dynamic range - 3.5Vpk-pk - and large offset range - ±4V. With their combination of high bandwidth and voltage range, they are ideal for measuring high-speed DDR signals, such as DDR3, DDR4, and LPDDR3. The probes are available as modular components, or as complete probe systems for ordering convenience.

Additionally, the existing WaveLink Dxx05 Series of High Bandwidth (13 to 25 GHz) Differential Probes will offer an increased input dynamic range of 2.0Vpk-pk (from a previous 1.6Vpk-pk). For this bandwidth class of differential probe, this is the largest input dynamic range available with guaranteed performance. To reflect this change, the series name changes to Dxx05-A.

The new Dxx30 Series is supplied standard with two solder-in leads (Dxx30-SI) rated to the full bandwidth of the probe amplifier. The Dxx30-SI solder-in tip utilizes an external terminating resistor located as close to the circuit as possible to minimize tip inductance, maximize tip resistance, and provide the highest possible impedance and best loading over a broad range of frequencies. Should the need arise, the terminating resistors are field replaceable. A square pin lead, rated to 3 GHz, is also provided standard.

A positioner (browser) tip with connection accessories (Dxx30-PT-KIT) is available as an option. The Dxx30-PT tip utilizes pogo pin tips for positive contact and a wide tip adjustment spread, with bandwidth up to 10 GHz. The connection accessories include an XYZ positioner and a variety of connections to connect to the LeCroy or other positioning device. For convenience, a handheld wand is also included.

SMA/SMP lead sets (Dxx30-SMA-SMP-LEADS) provide an economical means to leverage the Dxx30 probe amplifier for SMA/SMP cabled connections without requiring the purchase of an expensive, additional dedicated SMA/SMP probe. This significantly reduces the up-front investment to add this additional connection lead, and provides an economical means to connect to SMA and SMP connectors on the device under test (DUT).

A deluxe soft carrying case is provided with the WL-PLINK-CASE platform/cable assembly that connects to the probe amplifier. This new carrying case contains the probe amplifier, platform/cable assembly, tips, leads and other accessories available with the Dxx30 probe series. This case is conveniently sized to fit in a standard-sized file drawer for easy storage.

Dxx30 probe amplifiers with standard tips are priced from $8,976 to $10,506. The WL-PLINK-A platform/cable assembly (required for use with the probe amplifier) is $5,080. Complete probe systems range from $9,663 at 8 GHz to $11,193 at 13 GHz. Delivery is approximately 6 weeks ARO.

Part Number: Dxx30

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