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Capacitor Charging Power Supplies Extend to 250 W

April 26, 2013
UltraVolt, Inc. announced that its High Power 8C-30C Series modules are now being offered at 250 watts of output power.

The High Power 8C-30C Series modules from UltraVolt, Inc. are now being offered at 250 watts of output power. Previously, the maximum output power of the High Power 8C-30C Series was 125 watts.  The expansion of this product line to 250 watts of output power will support UltraVolt's customers' who work within existing applications, but who require greater output power or current in their project design. This product line was designed and optimized for a variety of applications including pulsed power, cap-charger, pulse generators, Q-switch and Pockell cell drivers, lasers, and TDR test equipment. The new models are being offered from 8kV to 30kV in either positive or negative polarity.

With outputs from 0 to 8kV through 30kV now at 250 watts these products are a great solution to needs in compact power sources for capacitor charging, pulse power, and DC HV bias requirements to power our customers' needs. The units can be paralleled for requirements at 500W to 1kW+.

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