New Generation DrMOS In Chip-Embedded Packaging Technology

June 6, 2013
Infineon Technologies AG unveils DrBlade, an integrated DC/DC driver and MOSFET VR power stage implemented in a chip-embedded package technology.

DrBlade from Infineon Technologies AG is reportedly the first integrated DC/DC driver and MOSFET VR power stage implemented in an innovative chip-embedded package technology. DrBlade contains the latest generation low voltage DC/DC driver technology and OptiMOS™ MOSFET devices. The MOSFET technology features lowest area specific resistance and application specific optimized Figures of Merit to achieve highest efficiency in DC/DC voltage regulation systems for computing and telecom, including Blade and Rack servers, PC-motherboards, notebooks and game consoles.

Infineon`s highly innovative Blade packaging technology is based on chip embedding concepts. Standard packaging processes like wire or clip bonding, as well as common molding techniques, are replaced with galvanic processes. The die also is protected by a laminate foil. The results are a significantly reduced package footprint, package resistance and inductance, as well as low thermal resistance.

The DrBlade package measures 5 x 5mm and has a low profile of 0.5 mm, fulfilling demand for higher power density and space saving in computing systems. Due to the optimized pin assignment DrBlade enables a simplified PCB layout. The new chip-embedded packaging technology in combination with OptiMOS MOSFETs by Infineon makes DrBlade the best solution for voltage regulators in the low-voltage segment.

Samples of DrBlade are now available, with production devices available in the second quarter of 2013.


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