Interleaved Power Factor Correction (PFC) Kit

June 6, 2013
Texas Instruments introduces two development kits for digital power systems design. The kits contain complementary analog components, such as amplifiers, isolators, secondary power devices, linear regulators and MOSFET drivers. 

Digital power designs are now even easier with two new development kits from Texas Instruments Incorporated. The TI C2000™ microcontroller (MCU)  offers best-in-class efficiency, power factor (PF) and total harmonic distortion (THD) performance, supporting advanced power metering functions and alternating current (AC) lines. The first of its kind, providing complete training materials, the Digital Power Workshop Kit provides a robust, low-voltage, safe training environment, targeted for power supply engineers seeking to easily transition from analog power design to digital modes. Each of the digital power kits contains complementary analog components, such as amplifiers, isolators, secondary power devices, linear regulators and MOSFET drivers. These components are test to work with the C2000 MCU devices in a digital power system, yielding a complete system kit for design needs.

Interleaved PFC Kit features and benefits:

·     Industry's highest performance, digitally driven PFC platform developed for industrial and power conversion platforms. The PFC kit has a working voltage of 120/220, voltage alternating current (VAC) input to a 400 voltage direct current (VDC) output board and supports up to 500W.

·     Enables a variety of functions with low-cost C2000 Piccolo MCUs. Designers seeking to add PFC, THD and efficiency can also add real-time, advanced power metering on AC lines all from the kit based on a single low-cost C2000 MCU.

·     Provides the ability scale to a variety of C2000 Piccolo MCUs. Designers can use any of the C2000 Piccolo MCUs for PFC applications, so this kit gives these designers a high-end platform with which they can experiment.

·     Accompanied with free software and schematics to ease design and double performance. Digital Power Workshop Kit features and benefits:

·     Safely explore digital power design. A low-voltage desktop training environment allows the novice designer to explore digital designs.

·     Easily transition from analog power supply design to digital. The kit's is based on TI's in-person training session and includes a self-paced training module that begins with the fundamentals of digital power and helps the designer migrate to designs.

·     Supports multiple digital power control topologies and techniques. This includes voltage mode control, average current mode control and peak current mode control. Other topics include closing the control loop in the digital domain, tuning for efficiency and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

·     Based on the C2000 Piccolo™ MCU, the kit offers real-time performance. With on-chip analog and the Control Law Accelerator (CLA), digital power designers can utilize the CLA and software to double the amount of power for digital designs.

·     Digital power software is available.

Both of the new digital power kits can be obtained through the TI estore and TI-authorized distributors. The Interleaved PFC Kit is available for $299, and the Digital Power Workshop Kit is available for $399.

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