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Remote Monitoring PDUs Provide Rack-Level Monitoring

Dec. 8, 2013
HP introduces its newest HP Remote Monitoring Power Distribution Units (PDU).

Hewlett-Packard’s Remote Monitoring PDUs feature billing-grade accuracy of 99 percent for precisely allocating data center expenses. In addition, the built-in remote capabilities simplify and allow for remote power monitoring and management of the PDU and individual load segments from anywhere on the network. Ranging from 2.8 kVA to 22 kVA, with available single and three-phase models, the HP PDUs come in a new slim profile design for easy maintenance activities in the rear of the rack. Multiple outlet and power configurations meet a large variety of needs. An optional environmental sensor enables temperature and humidity readings in the rack environment via the PDU's LCD screen, Telnet connection, or standard web browser. To reduce data center cooling costs, the HP Remote Monitoring PDUs can operate at temperatures to 60 degrees Celsius. For additional cost savings, the ability to daisy chain two units from one IP address eliminates network connection expenses incurred with competitive models.

The HP Remote Monitoring PDUs are designed for HP racks but will work in a large variety of third-party racks as well.

The HP Remote Monitoring PDUs family is available now with other benefits including:

  • Models ranging from 2.8 kVA to 22 kVA .  
  • Models supporting from 12 to 36 outlet receptacles .  
  • Built-in remote monitoring capabilities of PDU and individual load segments 
  • Easy to use web interface .    
  •  Settable thresholds provide customization of alerts to match specific data center policies. Advanced LCD pixel display simplifies local set up and trouble shooting .      
  •  Color coding simplifies phase balancing and branch circuit breaker identification .    
  • Local and LDAP authentication provide for faster, simpler maintenance. High operating temperature of 60C reduces data center cooling costs.  
  •  Accurate power monitoring improves circuit utilization and reduces stranded power.  Monitoring provides information that can help balance power throughout the data center to maximize cooling efficiency.
  • Ability to daisy chain two units from one IP address reduces network connection costs . Compatible with a variety of third-party racks

The PDUs are available now with U.S. pricing ranging from $439 to $1599.  Optional Environmental Sensor for HP Remote Monitoring PDU sold separately. 

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