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AC/DC Millivolt Data Logger Has Current Clamp Input

Dec. 8, 2013

The EL-USB-ACT is a new, battery-operated, standalone data logger from Lascar Electronics.  When used in conjunction with a CT clamp, the unit measures a.c. and d.c. current readings over a 0 to 1000 amp range with a 'millivolt measurement' mode for direct measurement of voltage up to 1 Vd.c. (700mVa.c.).  An 'energy monitoring' mode allows the data to be converted into power, energy and cost using pre-determined values for energy and cost established by the user in the software set-up.  This allows not only the measurement of power usage by certain appliances but the translation of that into actual dollars spent on running them.

Setting up the logger is simple.  Plug the data logger into a PC's USB port with the supplied USB cable and use Lascar's free software to name the unit, choose the measurement mode (current, energy, power or voltage), logging rate, signal type, high and low alarms, the scaling factor of the chosen current clamp and logging start time.  When logging is complete, stored data can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications.  The high contrast LCD can show a variety of current, power, energy and cost information.  At the touch of a button, the user can cycle between the most recent, maximum and minimum measurement values.

Optional CT clamps are available for purchase from Lascar or users can choose to use their own. The EL-USB-ACT is available for purchase immediately from Lascar Electronics at a cost of $150.00 with significant discounts for higher volume orders.

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