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March 16, 2014
Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc announced the release of a new online tool: the Gap Calculator.

Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc. announced the release of a new online tool: the Gap Calculator. The Gap Calculator tool provides a quick calculation of the gap length of a transformer's core once the desired AL value and the package are known.

To use the Gap Calculator, a user must first choose the desired package from the drop-list. Then, insert the AL value in the correct field. From here, the calculated gap can be extracted from the "Actual" field. For a feasible gap, the resulted value is marked in green, and if it is not feasible, it will be marked in red. If gap spacers are used on the outer legs, the calculated gap must be divided by two to account for the thickness of the gap spacer.

Furthermore, users can manually modify the core area and the magnetic path length for experimental purposes. By choosing another package, the program will reset to default values.

Along with the gap length, this tool provides access to additional information, like the minimum and maximum gap length, core and bobbin data and the page reference in Wurth Electronic Midcom's Custom Capabilities Catalog.

A bonus tool, the "AWG to mm Converter", converts the wire diameter from AWG to millimeter and vice versa. To use the tool, visitors should access www.we-online.com/midcom and click on the Toolbox to download the software.

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