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Force Density, Laminations And Nonlinear Improvements With MagNet v7.5

Oct. 6, 2014
Infolytica Corporation has released the newest versions of its simulation suite of software: MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet and OptiNet.

Infolytica Corp. has released the newest versions of its simulation suite of software: MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet and OptiNet. Specializing in electromagnetic and electric fields, Infolytica offers easy to use software solutions for engineers searching to reduce cost and obtain a better design. MagNet v7.5 can now predict the surface force density on a component, including cases where the component is touching others. Figure compares the eddy current losses in a permanent magnet motor - with and without laminations as made possible in MagNet v7.5.

IMagNet can also support laminations and other types of material segmentations with the perfect electric insulator boundary condition. When using this new boundary condition on a surface, MagNet will stop current flow between touching conducting components. This approach is much quicker as it eliminates the need to mesh a very thin insulating sheet - a long process which increases the solution time drastically.

After working with several power transformer designers and learning more about their simulation needs, Infolytica has developed an unmatched proprietary formulation of the nonlinear surface impedance approximation. In the new formulation, both the low and the high saturation regions of the non-linear BH properties are modeled accurately.

Other general improvements include:

"       Speedups in ElecNet to allow the use of many electrodes in a model

Added the surface heat sources in ThermNet

System Model Generator - for creating RSM/VHDL-AMS files for use in system level simulators - supports fractional number of turns

General improvements have also been made to third party file interoperability

General speedups to the software

Pricing and Availability

MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet and OptiNet v7.5 are now available for Microsoft Windows 7 or 8.

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