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"Boost Your Power" Engineering Campaign Launches

Oct. 27, 2021
Customers have the chance to win an Apple iPad Pro and access some of Farnell’s test and measurement products from leading suppliers at discounted prices

Farnell recently launched the "Boost Your Power" campaign, providing special offers and discounts on featured products. Participants can go to Farnell’s website to download a range of free online power management resources and enter a competition to win an Apple iPad Pro, Amazon vouchers worth £250 and more. Farnell is promoting these products to address the need for test and measurement solutions for power applications. Products showcased as part of Farnell’s Power Management Hub include:

The QPX750SP Bench Power Supply by Aim TTi features a single adjustable output rated up to 80 V and up to 50 A. Suitable for bench or system use, the supply offers high setting resolution and metering down to 1mV to ensure accurate measurement and ripple. Boasting a low noise level  at <3mV rms full power, features include an analog control interface connection to various communication protocols is possible.

The NGU401 Source Measure Unit from Rohde & Schwarz offers extremely high accuracy and fast load recovery time. Features include rapid data acquisition at down to 2 μs resolution. The NGU401 offers 4-quadrant architecture, 60 W output power, and can function as both a source and sink to simulate batteries and loads. 

There is also a 15% discount on the B&K Precision BK9833 Programmable AC Power Source, which offers low harmonic distortion meeting the IEC 61000-3-2 standard, with outputs of 300V/30A and 3000 VA. Power line disturbances can be simulated using pulse, step, and list modes using built-in or user-defined waveforms. Manual control is via numeric keypad, rotary knob, navigation keys, and its 4.3-inch color LCD display can display 12 measurements simultaneously. LAN, USB, GPIB and RS232 interfaces are built-in, and control is possible from a standard web browser via integrated web server.

Exclusive saver bundles from Tektronix and Keithley Instruments allow you to choose from either the Advanced Power Applications bundle or the IoT Applications bundle featuring oscilloscopes, probes, power supplies, digital multimeters, source measure unit. You can also get a Keysight U1733C LCR meter free with a purchase from a range of Keysight power products, and can operate at frequencies as high as 100 kHz. The device can take fast measurements using a one-touch automatic identification function button, showing component type and detailed analysis such as Z, ESR, and DCR. 

Participation can also enter the competition to win one of 20 prizes including an Apple iPad Pro, £250 Amazon gift card, discounts on selected Farnell test and measurement products and more. Customers are invited to download a free exclusive article titled ‘Power Solutions in Test & Measurement’ to learn about the core pieces of equipment required for testing in research, product development, prototyping, production, and field-testing applications.

James McGregor, Global Head of Test and Tools at Farnell, said: “Power management plays a major role in virtually every piece of electronic equipment. We are proud to bring a vast array of products from leading suppliers to support our customers in their power management processes. By supporting them further with free-to-download technical content and a range of great discounts to reduce the cost of their purchase, they are fully enabled to overcome any challenge.”

To find out more, visit: https://uk.farnell.com/boost-your-power 

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