Comparing a GAN-Based Power Solution to a Legacy Silicon IGBT

May 23, 2022
Power supplies developed with gallium-nitride technology can have double the power density of legacy PSUs and enable up to 20% energy savings.

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GaN Systems exhibited some of its latest power electronics solutions at PCIM Europe 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany. Power supplies developed with its transistors can have double the power density of legacy PSUs and enable up to 20% energy savings in data centers, according to the company.

GaN Systems also displayed its 3-kW BTP-PFC and 3-kW LLC Converter evaluation kits that help speed time to market. They exceed the 80 PLUS Titanium efficiency requirements when combined in a design. New technical solutions from GaN Systems include an array of thermal-management solutions that reduce thermal resistance up to 90%.

In addition, several e-mobility dc-dc and inverter products demonstrated the benefits of GaN for ebikes, escooters, and more. GaN Systems commercialized its AutoQual+ qualified transistors; GaN is now being designed in on-board charger, traction inverter, and dc-dc converter applications.

Aerospace, avionics, space, and some industrial and scientific applications have unique requirements for system designers where failure-free operation and long lifetimes in harsh mechanical, thermal, and radiation conditions are absolute. In partnership with Teledyne HiRel Electronics, these GaN power transistors are built to deliver the efficiency, size, and power-density benefits required for demanding HiRel power applications. 

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