Advanced Power Solution Tackles AI Server Demands

July 9, 2024
Based on the TDM22545D dual-phase, 120-A OptiMOS module, this platform developed by Infineon serves next-generation AI server needs.

Infineon Technologies released a reference design using the company’s TDM22545D dual-phase OptiMOS power module to address AI server demands. The 10- × 9- × 5-mm power module co-packages two smart power stages, two power inductors, and decoupling capacitors to implement two independent synchronous buck converters. Optimized for PCB layout, the package offers excellent heat transfer, driver/MOSFET control timing, and minimal switch node ringing.

The single-substrate, dual-phase power modules integrate two OptiMOS 6 power stages along with inductors and capacitors, allowing two phases of a multiphase buck regulator to be deployed in a 40% lower area compared to legacy discrete solutions. Features include a proprietary inductor-on-top design for improved thermal and electrical performance as well as superior energy efficiency.

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